"Have something to say. And say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret."  Matthew Arnold

Copywriting is all about communication. Helping you to communicate the advantages and benefits of your business in the most effective and persuasive way. The right words can really help to sell your business or service.

We can help you promote your business in the following areas:

- Feature articles for your website or printed publication
- Website content creation, rewriting or repurposing
- Creative copy for social media, blogs, Facebook, Twitter

- Preparation of press releases, promotional materials, and case studies
- Newswriting for your website or company newsletter

- Persuasive copy for successful adverts, google ads and flyers.

Our rates start at a very competitive £40 per 250 words for copywriting, and £35 per hour for website rewriting/repurposing, with
no minimum charge

See our Copywriting FAQs for more information. Take a look at some recent samples of our work.

What are the business benefits of using a copywriter?

A copywriter is a professional writer who will help you to get your key business message across in the most effective way. Well-written copy can make the difference between gaining a customer and losing a sale.

Your company website is a powerful marketing tool, and will often be the first port of call for potential customers. Whether you want to add extra pages to an existing website, or are launching a new website then we can help you create persuasive new content that will keep your customers hooked.

Using a professional writer can make a huge difference to your website rankings. The copywriter will ask for details of your meta tag information, page title, page description, keywords/keyword phrases, etc and ensure your copy is optimised to achieve the best possible search engine rankings. We can also review and rework existing web copy to get it up to scratch.

What are the business benefits of using a freelancer?

Using a freelancer means that you get the work done on budget and on time, by an experienced professional. Leaving you and your staff to concentrate on your core business.

A freelancer is paid by the hour (or part thereof), so you only pay for the time you need, when you need it. No overheads, no recruitment costs, no sick pay - just reliable, professional results.

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