The internet offers a limitless number of potential customers for your business, but it takes a lot of time and commitment to create a strong web presence and drive regular traffic to your site.

Here are some tips to get started.

1. Create traffic by offering unique, up-to-date, well-written content on your website – news and information about your products, your services, and your industry. Remember that often coined phrase ‘content is king’? Well it’s still very much true today.

2. Optimise your website content for search engines – read up about how to use keywords, key phrases and links appropriately throughout your pages to ensure your website shows up in online searches.

3. It sounds like common sense, but always test your website in other browsers to ensure cross-compatibility.

4. Create a company blog, where you can give out expert advice, and discuss topical content.

5. Use social media to create extra traffic and interest – Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn are the most obvious places to begin.

6. Add social media icons to your website, so users can click and share your content.

7. Track visits to your website. By knowing who your customer is, how they found your website (search engine, or by referral from another site) and what they do when they visit your website you can tweak your website to make sure it’s meeting their needs.

8. Share your content on other websites to create inbound links, which are highly rated by search engines.

9. Sign up for pay per click advertising with Google AdWords. It’s easy to get started and you only pay for your advert if a user clicks on it. Align your website’s landing pages with your ad copy for best results.

10. Last of all keep up the good work – you may have put all your enthusiasm into creating your new website, launching the first blog, sending out the first few tweets, but to keep customers coming back, you need to keep offering something new and interesting on a regular basis.

TIP: always get your web content edited and proof-read. However fantastic your design, if the content is poorly written and full of typos, you won't get taken seriously. As a bare minimum, get a proof-reader to check it through before launch see our website proof-reading and editing services.

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