Cost-effective, professional copy-editing & proofreading services

Copy-editing and proofreading are all about quality control. Making sure your copy is error-free and grammatically correct so that customers can concentrate on your business message, and not on your mistakes. It is notoriously difficult to edit and proofread your own text, so an extra pair of well-trained eyes and an objective viewpoint are invaluable if you want to ensure that your communications are of the highest quality.

As well as spotting typos, spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, a copy-editor will also work on the flow and tone of your text, to ensure that it reads smoothly and is appropriate for your target audience. An editor will also look at page layout and design to make sure everything is consistent and in the correct place. A proofreader will work on your copy prior to publication to make sure that everything is perfect before going to print.

Amberweb UK offers a full range of professional editorial services - we can copy-edit authors' original manuscripts for you in preparation for typesetting or publication on the web, we can work on your proofs, promotional materials or web copy, and we can review, rework and rewrite any existing text that just doesn't come up to scratch. (To find out about our Copywriting Services click here).

With over ten years' experience in the editorial and content management fields you can be sure your job will be carried out to the most exacting standards.

With affordable hourly rates starting at £21.50 per hour (discounts available for small businesses/not for profit organisations), and no minimum charge, we guarantee an excellent value for money service. For more information see our Editorial FAQs.

What is the business benefit of using a copy-editor or proofreader?

We will ensure your publications, internal communications and promotional materials are error-free, grammatically correct and consistent throughout. Sloppily written, badly edited and inconsistent content creates a bad impression on the reader and will not inspire them with confidence. Make sure your corporate communications are of the highest quality with our professional editorial services.

What are the business benefits of using a freelancer?

Using a freelancer means that you get the work done on budget and on time, by an experienced professional. Leaving you and your staff to concentrate on your core business.

A freelancer is paid by the hour (or part thereof), so you only pay for the time you need, when you need it. No overheads, no recruitment costs, no sick pay - just reliable, professional results.

Make sure your content gives the right impression by using Amberweb's professional copy-editing & proofreading services.

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To find out more

If you want to find out more about the copy-editing/proofreading process, visit our Editorial FAQs page.

Our clients

Editorial clients currently include the market-leading business publishers, Croner Publications Ltd and PR firm ACE Inspire. International clients include the Vanuatu-based vanilla producer Venui Vanilla.


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