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GEM Motoring Assist rolls out flexible, fully integrated membership solution

Promotional case study, prepared for TresTria Ltd, specialist solution provider of Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics NAV

“The decision by GEM Motoring Assist to commission a new stand-alone IT system was crucial to its future business plan. Tres Tria guided us through this development with great efficiency, professionalism and considerable patience,” says David Williams MBE, Chief Executive.

Established in 1932, GEM Motoring Assist is the UK’s leading driver-based road safety association with over 70,000 members. GEM aims to improve road safety for all road users through the sponsorship and initiation of accident prevention measures, and provides motoring and safety information and services to its members across the UK.


GEM Motoring Assist approached Tres Tria in November 2004 with a feasibility study to replace their existing system. Their incumbent system was maintained through a third party and was a part of a larger organisation. Consequently, they carried out research to develop a new system which would meet their changing needs. They required a flexible solution that would allow them to grow and that would assist them as they diversified their business model.

GEM’s existing system processed new member details along with yearly renewals, it recorded claims and raised cheques to members where appropriate. The information from this system was then manually re-keyed into the separate finance application. The new system needed to be fully integrated in order to update the Call and Recovery Centre with new and amended member details on a daily basis to ensure the efficient operation of its 24 hour breakdown recovery service.

In addition, the new system needed to be capable of importing data from a variety of sources - online through broker sites, via GEM’s own website, over the phone or by post.

GEM’s management team had a number of reasons for replacing their existing system, but central to the decision was the need for a flexible, integrated system that would allow the company to grow and diversify in the future.


GEM identified the following key system requirements and capabilities:

  • Import new member details from external sources such as the Internet
  • Daily updates to the control and recovery centre
  • Membership maintenance
  • Create quotes and new policies
  • Automated yearly renewal notices
  • FSA compliance
  • Credit/debit card collections verified and automated over the internet
  • Direct debits
  • BACS payments
  • Flexible product and pricing structure
  • Flexible reporting
  • Data export for mailing house

After a long search, initially focused on membership-based solutions, GEM decided upon Navision, as it was the preferred fully integrated solution available on the market which was flexible enough to meet their future business needs. Additionally, the ability to tailor Navision’s business workflow to meet GEM’s needs was critical, and to allow credit card details to be entered and authorised on line.

GEM selected focused solution provider, Tres Tria as their implementation partner. Says David Williams, “It was essential that the planning, preparation and installation of Navision went without mishap, thus allowing our business to function unheeded. Tres Tria guided us through this development with great efficiency, professionalism and considerable patience. They took time to understand our business and IT requirements; they provided regular and concise updates as to their progress and carried out staff training in an efficient and relaxed style.”


GEM now has a fully integrated members database with which to control their business and increase their offerings to new and existing members. The new system has provided GEM with a reliable technology platform which is flexible enough to support future business growth and diversification.

The combination of Navision’s user-friendly interface and the effective staff training carried out by Tres Tria meant that GEM’s staff could benefit from the new system immediately, says David Williams, “I can pay no greater testimony to the work of Tres Tria than to say that within a day or so of adopting the new IT system, my staff were using it naturally and unaided”.

Tres Tria used the relationship management functionality within Navision to provide a basis for the solution which would integrate to the sales order processing functionality to create quotes and sales invoices. The previous system was rigid and inflexible, and setting up new price lists was a lengthy and complicated process. In the new system, the quotes and invoices are all based on standard costs for groups of products, fully dependant on the requirements of the new member.

Key to GEM was the ability to produce renewal notices in a timely manner, and Navision has enabled GEM to create a more efficient and effective membership renewals process through use of a scheduler which automates the process of creating and printing the renewals. This is then used to send updates to the control centre and recovery system on a nightly basis, and also to import new membership and policy details from brokers and GEM’s own website.

The new integrated system, means that GEM now benefits from real-time financial reporting. Once an invoice is posted this information updates the accounts directly, giving GEM management access to live figures instantaneously. The results can then be monitored to assist in the creation of marketing campaigns and new promotions.

Says David Williams, “The decision by GEM Motoring Assist to commission a new stand-alone IT system was crucial to its future business plan. I am grateful to Tres Tria for the outstanding work they achieved”.

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