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Failing to tackle climate change could destroy company value

For Croner Publications Ltd, Environmental News Online, September 2008

A new report launched by The Carbon Trust has concluded that failing to address climate change could lower the value of businesses in some sectors by up to 65%.

The report, ‘Climate Change: a business revolution?’ examined the impact of climate change across six sectors including car manufacturing, consumer electronics and building materials.

It found that the emissions reductions which businesses must adopt to tackle climate change will create huge business opportunities and risks. These opportunities and risks are mainly driven by consumer behaviour, technology and regulation – and vary significantly from sector to sector.

Businesses who are ‘well-positioned and proactive’ could increase their company value by up to 80%. However, businesses who do not address climate change effectively could lose up to 65% of company value in some sectors, such as car manufacturing.

Says Tom Delay, chief executive of the Carbon Trust, “Climate change will cause a revolution in business and our findings should act as a trillion dollar wake up call to the investment and business communities”.

He adds, “Companies and investors that prepare now and develop new strategies will reap the commercial rewards of the move to a low carbon economy. The financial risks of inaction are just too vast to ignore”.

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