We are a small business based in Surrey, who offer traditional editorial services and copywriting for your printed publications and promotional materials, also a range of website services to help keep your website up-to-date.

We are happy to offer special discounts to small businesses, educational establishments, charitable organisations and individuals
(eg students). Reduced rates can also be negotiated for long-term or regular projects. There is no minimum charge.

Our aim is to provide a professional, affordable, high quality service to each and every one of our clients.

Editorial Services
Proofreading: £21.50 per hour
Copy-editing: £25.50 per hour
Consulting services: £40 per hour (preparation of house style manual, editorial procedures, plain English guidelines, etc)

We also offer rewriting and reworking translated texts - please contact us for details.
(Discounted rates available for small businesses/not for profit organisations, etc)

Copywriting and PR Services

Website rewriting & content repurposing: £35 per hour.
Social media: £35 per hour

Copywriting: £40 per 250 words.
Newswriting: £35 per hour.
Website content creation, preparation of promotional materials/PR services: £35 per hour.
(Discounted rates available for small businesses/not for profit organisations, etc)

Website & Social Media Services
Website proofreading: £21.50 per hour - with no minimum charge.
Web copy-editing: £25.50 per hour
Website usability testing: £35 per hour

Social media (Facebook, Twitter): £35
per hour
Website & blog copywriting: £40
per 250 words.
Website updating, copy repurposing: £30 per hour.
Design & consulting services:
£40 per hour
(Discounted rates available for small businesses/not for profit organisations, etc)

No minimum charge applies!

We are happy to offer specially discounted rates for schools, charitable organisations and small companies/business start-ups.

Remember, we will tailor our services to suit your requirements and your budget - contact us and we will give you a competitive quote for your project.

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