Welcome to Amberweb’s business blog

I have been working in publishing for nearly 20 years now as a writer, editorial manager, knowledge manager, social media & web editor, sub-editor and proofreader… And I wanted to set up this blog to share my thoughts, knowledge and tips about how to create and share high-quality content on the web and in print. Also, to share my thoughts on running your own micro business and equally importantly, being a working mum to two lovely children!

I hope you find Amberweb’s new blog to be a useful source of tips and information about creating and sharing high-quality content. Please do leave any comments and feedback!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Amberweb’s business blog

  1. bella says:

    OMG! ok, its not the most… well you know, FUNEST website in the world , but it is nice to look at something created by my mum, also nice to share my ideas with all these thousands of genrous people who decide to spend their extra time on this lovley blog insted of cleaning the dirty dishes!!!.Now iv’e seen this beautiful blog(CREATED BY MY MUM) I think she should be a famous moviestar, an actress whatever,but shes so clever, shes decided to make this blog all by herself , and made sure people appreciated her hard work, her SWEAT she’s put into this work. so thank you very much everyone who has decided to go on the blog and explore, all these lovley features of the blog. from her extremley lovley daughter, bella (age 9)

  2. Thank you to my extremely lovely daughter Bella for being the first to post on my blog… with such a way with words I think I should give you your own blogspot !! x

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